Fr. Chad Wahl’s Homilies

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September 1, 2019  

Powerpoint of the Meeting Tent Tabernacle

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This was the powerpoint showing the original tabernacle of Moses

September 1, 2019  

Tabernacle Teaching Mass

Now that the tabernacle has moved to the sanctuary in the Church, this is a teaching mass to explain the project and why it has been done.  

August 11, 2019  

Delayed Conversion: 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2019

Why do we delay conversion?  Discover why and the 4 types of stewards of the Kingdom.

August 4, 2019  

The Rich Fool’s Problem: 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2019

Greed can destroy us.  Discover the defects of the rich fool in the parable and how to overcome them.

July 21, 2019  

Martha is me: 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2019

Learn from Martha on how to keep Christ in the center of your life and be anxious about the right part.

July 14, 2019  

Who is my neighbor? 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2019

The scholar in this passage hides behind a mask many of us share.  Discover what this mask is and how to liberate yourself from this hypocrisy.

June 16, 2019  

The Attack on Confession by SB 360

Discover why the State Bill 360 is an egregious attack on religious liberty in California.

June 9, 2019  

Pentecost: Understanding the Spirit’s Whispers

The Holy Spirit is often the Great Unknown.  Discover who he is and what he does for us.

May 26, 2019  

The True Peace of Christ: 6th Sunday of Easter

What is the peace that Christ gives to us?  Understanding what it is and is not is key for our Easter joy. 

May 19, 2019  

Fr. Chad’s Vocation Story: Filling in the Partial Man

On National Vocation Sunday, learn what a vocation means from the inside out as Fr. Chad shares his own vocation journey.